Vicuna is such an exclusive fibre that throughout the Inca Empire it was a privilege of the Royal Family.

When the Europeans arrived the Vicunas were hunted and nearly brought to extinction. In 1963 there were only some five thousand animals left, compared to two millions under the Inca Empire. Today the Vicuna is protected and lives freely at altitudes above 4.000 meters in the Peruvian Andes. All commercial use of the fibre is under strict control and is regulated by the Authorities. Every garment being produced and exported must be certified and licensed. These controls and protections have resulted in a growing number of Vicunas which today count 120.000 animals.

The Vicuna can only be sheared every second year. Only the hair on its chest is being sheared and used for our textile garments. The hair from six Vicunas is required in order to make just one scarf.

The Vicuna is a very elegant and gracious animal with an extremely fine hair. The Vicuna fibre is, with its 12 microns only, by far the finest natural fibre on earth. The animal with its fibre has by nature been adapted to the extreme climatic conditions under which the animal lives.