Inca AS (formerly Inca International AS) and CLARK ROSS were founded in 1986 based on the idea of offering the then little known and very exclusive Peruvian fibres Vicuna, Alpaca and Hand Picked Peruvian Pima Cotton to the European consumer.

In the eighties most of South America, and Peru in particular, was still economically and socially isolated through military regimes, high import barriers and protectionism. Inca AS in many ways thus became pioneers, working under rough and dangerous conditions with extreme terrorism causing the death of nearly 30.000 people as well as hyperinflation and poor communication. Believing in the Peruvian people and their unique textile traditions and know how, Inca AS succeeded. Today, all production of CLARK ROSS are made where the raw materials and expertise is located; Peru.

Today, Inca AS is still based in and having their logistics in Norway with distribution network throughout Europe. Through the high quality knitwear collection CLARK ROSS, developed in the most exclusive fibres and advanced technology, CLARK ROSS is today a market leader in this segment and offers the most exclusive garments to the European consumer.



CLARK ROSS is being produced under strict ecological control and in accordance with international laws and regulations concerning environment. The products are regularly checked at European Environmental Institutions.

Inca AS guarantees that no child labour is being used in its production.